The first UZOR shop was founded in 1984. Ten years later, the business has been expanded to another three branch shops and since we are a firm that constantly develops and improves, we are planning to present ourselves also at new locations.

Gordana Aleksić, Textile Engineer, and Slavoljub Aleksić, a man of experience and expertise in electronics, founded UZOR and make up the professional foothold of this entire firm. They are two of very few professionals in the area of this sort of handicraft.

Being familiar with the contemporary dry cleaning technology, chemistry, materials and fabrics as well as up-to-date electronics, they created a team of young professionals to operate the most modern machines and computerized equipment together with ecologically tested preparations of highest quality from the world known labs.

We are proud to emphasize professionalism of our team, efficiency of resources that we use in our work and their safety to environment, as well as the fact that we operate with the latest equipment that can currently be found at the European market. Integral parts of our method of work are constant developments in equipment and functioning, as well as trainings by foreign experts, national and international fairs. Many years of experience and constant development are the basic qualities of work of our instructors.

Uzor hemijsko ciscenje i pranje