We operate with the most modern equipment and machines of the latest generation that follow the strict European standards for equipment as well as substances used in the dry cleaning process and laundry.

Machines are programmed to go through the distilling process after every cleaning, so that dry cleaning is always done in an absolutely clean chemical. Additionally, we also have professional air conditioners, ventilation and garment cooling system. The functioning of our machines is of closed type it is absolutely ecologically safe in terms of environment and staff that operate them.

Entire equipment in sections of our firm is the equipment of the latest generation and is currently the most modern one that can be found in the market, for laundry as well as dry cleaning.

By controlling the temperature, drum speed, dosage of additional substances that disintegrate organic and non-organic stains, different agents to remove organic odour of sweat, urine and pets, we are able to use a 20 program palette for different types of materials (leather, silk, linen, wool, acrylic mixtures, cotton, rep, lace, etc.). ˝Firbimatic˝ Italy, dry cleaning machine, one of the most famous in Europe.

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